Bladder Problems

Do you suffer with Bladder leakage if you cough or Sneeze? Have you had embarrassing moments or near misses during exercise classes? all started following the birth of a child or significantly worsened? thought it is normal and part of the deal with having kids?  - Its NOT! 


Issues with bladder control is a huge problem, it is often embarrassing (who likes to admit that they leak a little bit if they go on a bouncy castle?!) and also often seen as “normal” thing that happens especially after having a baby, so it is just accepted.


Well firstly it shouldn’t just be accepted, it is a common complication and also really responds well to treatment (good news bouncy castle fans!). A staggering 1 in 3 women report having had or experiencing bladder leakage following child birth. However it is not just related to childbirth it can occur at any age.

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There are several different types of leakage – they can occur on their own or as a combination – for more information why not download our eBook on Bladder problems click here.


Stress incontinence – this is leakage during exercise, coughing, sneezing – basically when doing anything that increases the the pressure or “stress” in your abdomen (tummy)


Urge incontinence – As the name suggests this is leakage with an increased urge or need to pass urine.


Nocturia – needing to pass urine more than once per night causing broken sleep.


Void Frequency – needing to urinate more than 8 times per day


For more info and some top tips from Rosie Hunter – Cirencester’s only Clinical specialist – download our Bladder eBook here

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