Green Magic

Green magic is hailed as the ultimate Super Food by elite athletes, nutritional advisors and those who desire high quality nutrition without cholesterol. Green Magic is a natural fusion of 17 of the most powerful super foods containing completely natural, organically grown ingredients in one unique formulation. With key ingredients such as Spirulina, wheat grass juice and Royal Jelly, Proto-col’s Green Magic is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and nutritional enzymes, to promote energy production, muscular recovery, vitality and youthfulness as well as offering a natural detox and cleanse for the body.


Clinical studies have proven Green Magic to decrease the body’s biological age significantly. Studies found that the high levels of Superoxide Dismutase, one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants found in Green Magic lowers the biological cell age by an astonishing 13.5 years over a course of 3 months. This results in a healthy vibrant glow and the reduction of the outward signs of ageing.

Key Ingredients


Spirulina grown in Hawaii is known as the ‘eating sunshine’ plant. Spirulina is positively bursting with enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients which increase the body’s well being and optimise good health. Spirulina is a 95% digestible protein but only contains 1.2 calories per gram. Spirulina also delivers a quick source of energy and help with muscle oxygenation due to high levels of Iron: it also includes eight essential amino acids.


Barley and Wheat Grass juice, the key role is to purify and cleanse the body and the blood. They achieve this through a process of neutralising harmful toxins. Barley Grass naturally contains 11 times the calcium of dried cow milk and 5 times the level of natural iron as fresh spinach. Packed with a powerful source of enzymes Wheat Grass also offers a great source of Chlorophyll, which is referred to as nature’s sunshine.


Anti-oxidants, these come from Co-Enzyme Q10 and Royal Jelly. Possibly two of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants in the world offering up to 9 different B vitamins and 22 amino acids, which create the building blocks of life itself. These ingredients supercharge the body’s natural immune system as well as helping the body to produce cellular energy. Co-Enzyme Q10 naturally declines in the body with age thus supplementing the body is essential for maintaining heart health.


Chlorella, a great source of natural iron, protein and beta carotene (18mg per gram). Chlorella also provides 100% of the RDA of vitamin B12 in just 7 grams and contains 10 times more Chlorophyll that alfata.


Other ingredients include


Lecithin – Emulsifies fats and oil into water, supports memory and nerves and is considered as a brain fuel.


Karmut Juice – a high energy food.


Rice Kernel Membrane Powder – an excellent source of fibre and Vitamin B Complex.


Apple Pectin Fibre – traps harmful cholesterol.


Icelandic Kelp & Nova Scotia Dulse – packaged with cheated and trace minerals and natural lithium.


Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifidus pro-biotic – feeds friendly flora in the body, great source of potassium and offers natural insulin which proves essential in treating both type I and II diabetes. Helps to correct the PH imbalance in the body and remove harmful toxic bacteria.



Product Conclusion


Green Magic’s massively high ORAC value 1040 units per serving (anti-oxidant value) can help repair damage caused by free radicals, and ensures the body has all the essential nutrients it needs for younger looking skin. The scientific community agrees that the body creates between 3800 to 5000 ORAC units of damage per day just going through our normal lives. It is estimated that an elite athlete who is in full time training can create up to 10,000 ORAC units a day of damage, whilst somebody who is undergoing chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer or similar can create up to 12,000 units plus of damage at a cellular level.


One serving of the Green Magic delivers approximately the same food value as 5-7 helpings of organically grown fresh fruit or vegetables but with just 12 calories. Green Magic is also highly bio-available source of protein; this is vital in the natural repair of tissue in skin, nails, hair, bones and cartilage as well as compensating for cellular deficiency in the body. Proto-col Green Magic has shown in some cases to help with numerous problems in the body such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Type II Diabetes, poor immune function and energy production, anti-carcinogenic properties and much more.



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