David Ede MSc BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (Chartered Physiotherapist) & Clinic Partner


David Ede is a highly qualified and extremely experienced chartered physiotherapist. He Graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2005, and went on to complete his Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Queen Marys London and Barts University London in 2011. He has published research on tendon injury and has worked with some of the world experts in this area. David has also developed an Injury screening matrix that he offers to individuals and clubs as a preseason assessment tool. He has a wealth of expertise in all types of musculoskeletal problems and is particularly focussed on the care, prevention and rehabilitation of sporting injuries. David Currently oversees the medical department at Fairford football club ensuring all the team are fit and the occasional pitch side cover.


In addition to his specialisation in sporting injuries, David treats all the usual range of general physiotherapy conditions, and specialises in spinal injuries and rehabilitation and believes you are entitled to the same level of expertise and rehabilitation whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or non sporting and offers convenient daytime and evening appointments to suit the patient.


His preferred treatment methods include soft-tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation and manipulation. A strong emphasis is placed on re-education of joint proprioception and stabilising muscles to help prevent reoccurrence of injury.


In his spare time, David enjoys spending time with his young family and the dabbles in a variety of sports including running, cross fit, wake boarding and fly fishing. 

Natasha Pauck BSc (Hons)
Physiotherapist (Chartered Physiotherapist)

Natasha graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2013 after which she working in both hospital settings, gaining experience in cardiorespiratory rehab, neurological rehab aswell musculoskeletal rehab. Natasha has particular interest in musculoskeletal conditions both spinal and limb related and has done further studies in sporting related injuries and worked with both children and adults in sporting and non-sporting related musculosketetal complaints. In the UK, Natasha has also had experience working in Occupational Health thus dealing with repetitive strain injuries and other typically work related complaints. Natasha typically uses a holistic approach by alleviating the immediate symptoms, addressing the route causes but also ensuring there is a plan for prevention of future injuries. She has experience using mobilisation techniques, myofascial release, dry needling/medical acupuncture, sports taping and electrotherapy modalities as well exercise prescription. 


When Natasha isn't working, she enjoys trail running, rock climbing, yoga and pilates, painting and playing guitar and piano. Since moving to the UK, she has managed to run her first marathon and 100 miler and has plans to continue exploring the beautiful British country side!

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