Why choose YourPhysioPlan.com?


We believe you should look after your body – it is the only place you have to live!

YourPhysioPlan membership is a great and affordable way to invest in you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Joining the payment plan means you can enjoy routine physiotherapy, bespoke strength and conditioning programmes and much more.

YourPhysioPlan.com delivers quality of life, accessibility and reassurance to its members:


·       Easy access to high-quality physiotherapy treatment on an affordable plan to maintain optimum health and help

        overcome injury and illness through treatment, massage, strength and conditioning.

·       Premium standards of care: YourPhysioPlan.com clinic practitioners undertake Continual Professional Development

        and meet high standards for customer care.

·       Choice of plans to suit different needs and budgets; you can use 100% of their entitlement.

·       Prevention: unique access to a health professional before an illness or disorder occurs.

·       Improved quality of life: YourPhysioPlan.com enables you to establish an ongoing relationship with your

        physiotherapist for regular monitoring and early intervention.

·       Unrivalled offering – no UK physiotherapy payment plan currently exists that does not require an excess or a referral

        and that also covers you for pre-existing conditions.

·       Control of your health care: you choose your treatment and your clinic.

·       Away from home care: the ability to see a practitioner even when you are away from home.

·       Preferential member rates on additional specialist treatment, for example MRI scans.

·       Members’ web-based application: to help you find out if physiotherapy can be of help to you, find your nearest                       YourPhysioPlan.com clinic, quickly access expert advice and access a wealth of quality health information.  Easy to

        navigate with state-of-the-art interfaces.

Sign up now and benefit from as little as 9 pence a day with YourPhysioPlan Membership 

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