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gravity posture key back neck relief
gravity posture key back neck relief

Improve posture & ease pain

The Gravity system is a real answer to the everyday strains that stack up to become bigger injuries. The need for repeated, long stretching sessions and discomfort, over a long period of time, are things of the past if using the Gravity system regularly. People from all walks of life are reporting massive reductions in discomfort with more flexibility and a feeling of lightness and better balance from using Gravity. Gravity needs to be part of your daily routine for well-being. The fact that you don’t need to be unwell or inflexible to use gravity is great! Just using as part of your daily health routine will help you understand there’s a big difference between need and want.

To understand and consider that being better balanced and more flexible is a great example of prevention being better than cure helps you get inside the Gravity ethos. Not only does gravity help keep you better balanced from walking to more dynamic pursuits, it also teaches the body in a very supportive way, to be more relaxed and calm, in turn, promoting better rested states for recovery and support of the whole system.

How Does Gravity Work?

On the surface of gravity there is a highly sensitive interactive surface called VHT (Vario height technology)

Gravity uses the opportunity of its unique design and shapes, as well as relaxation and its clever surface, to deeply influence unwinding strain and re-balancing of the body’s structures to a great extent.

gravity posture key back neck relief

Being properly positioned, comfortable and un-distracted is very beneficial to the experience. As the neck relaxes, or the sacrum, you may find yourself wanting to reposition the devices slightly to aid comfort. This is great, it is a sign that the tension is really changing allowing more stretch in the tight structures.


VHT is the most active part of the device in the way it interacts with the proprioceptors of the skin and fascia of humans. It utilises the wisdom of bees, fish, frogs, air, water and gravity.

"I'm an absolute convert to the GRAVITY product.....the level of deep relaxation received has made a huge difference to long standing neck and back pain"


Paul Shaftoe

How Does Gravity Work?

The most efficient and safest way to pack and protect in a strong form is with spheres close packed together. A fish egg, frog spawn, bubbles, honeycombs all use meniscus tension to serve its survival.


Strain in the body structures manifests in layers from the spinal bones positions, right out to the outer layers of fascia. Bones adapt position, causing muscular spasm, or spasm in a deficient muscle due to injury or fatigue, can strain a bone out of its optimum position.

A sphere is capable of resisting great pressure, like a ball bearing ring around an axle. It is also the most efficient structure to stretch what it comes into contact with it in every direction. Well, in 180 times 360 directions which is 64,800 different directions multiplied by the 160 spheres pressing against the tissue and you have over ten million gentle pushes against the skin releasing the strain pattern in millions of directions, as the surface releases the tension, it disperses like a cup over flowing in all directions.


As the skin is so sensitive to movement or a feather or a pin prick, it relays the message to the nervous system which in turn signals the vestibular system in the brain. This system can tell the position of the body or a limb, the precise location of the sensation being reported and the precise direction to move away from the stimulation at variable speed from very slow to an over-reaction.


It is also a system we can influence to help to re align the structure when at rest. The unloaded, relaxed position the tissue, muscles, ligaments and bones can all be due to the releasing of the ligaments of the neck and sacrum which manage the balance of the pelvis and its nerve signals and the neck and its nerve system including the head.


The effect has a knock on action that allows great reduction in strain and relaxation the more you relax whilst using gravity. It is essential to make sure you relax as completely as possible and allow the body to get on with re calibrating itself whilst it has the chance to do so.


To order a Gravity device click on the button below. Active Therapy Clinic has negotiated a discount with the manufacturers. If you apply the code "activetherapyclinic" you will get a a nice surprise.

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