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Customised bespoke orthotics

Phits is the world's first high-tech 3D printed insole, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using RSscan Footscan®. This allows us to prescribe bespoke orthotics giving precision for optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.


Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational walker or factory worker on your feet, Phits will help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury. Book now with David Ede of our Physiotherapy team.

"Without the support of Phits orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't have been able to continue my running career!"

Paula Radcliffe 
Marathon World Record Holder

PHITS Foot Scan Bespoke Customised Orthotics

PHITS Foot Scan Bespoke Customised Orthotics

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