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Welcome to the All New Active Therapy Clinic Blog!

Welcome to the All New Active Therapy Clinic Blog! Hi All and welcome to the all NEW Active therapy blog – OK so I know we are a bit late to the party and all just getting on board with blogging in 2018 but hey we are all busy treating you guys!! So along with the blog we will be publishing some FREE ,yes FREE reports on a variety of topics that we think would be of interest, and as it is 2018 and we are down with the kids; there may even be some videos on our YouTube Chanel to supplement the blog and eBooks! What was that? you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube Chanel yet? No dramas you can do that HERE – there is a ton of info from patient experiences to exercises to me talking about my MRI – check it out. Hopefully you will enjoy the blog – its aim is to educate, inform, dispel some myths and entertain, probably not all at once but I’ll do my best! So who are we and why should you believe anything we say? – Well that my dear reader is an excellent question and starting point for our relationship! This is me (excuse the cheeky grin!)

My Name is David Ede (Dave to you! Only my mother or wife call me David and that usually because I'm in trouble!)I’m a Physiotherapist, husband, father and very mediocre runner, with aspirations of dabbling in triathlons at some point! I have been a Physio no for quite some time (12 years+) and during this time i have worked with many people in many settings; from hospitals to sports teams to owning my own clinic. The one thing that they have all had in common and the main reason why I LOVE my job is the fantastic people that I get to help and guide on a daily basis – people from all walks of life with wildly varying goals all of which are just as important as the next. I have just as much satisfaction treating Joan following her total hip replacement and helping her get back to enjoying life as I do from getting an athlete back to fitness to complete in an Iron Man. From this experience i have heard many things that have been said to clients that simply aren’t true, is generally bad advice or just to put it bluntly poor treatment choice. This is what I want to prevent, too many times people i see in clinic have been told the wrong thing, given the wrong advice or had the wrong treatment ( in my opinion that is!) My philosophy is simple, get you better, help the body heal; and do it as fast as we can. If we can help you prevent injury too then we will. That last point is a big one too. Hands up who sees a healthcare practitioner – Physio, Osteo, Chiro regularly weather they have an injury or not? ... No didn’t think so! Now Hands up who services their car regularly and check the oil level etc? Ahh you do?!, your body is like a car – service it, keep oil in it and all you need to do is put fuel in it (not petrol or diesel, that would be gross!) and it will keep going, don’t wait for it to break before you get serviced! And this is Steve ( yes he does look like Danny from Hearsay – younger readers may need to google that!)

So what to write about next....... Sign up here to get the blog first! You can also subscribe to our You Tube channel for a host of videos on different topics and advice/exercise demos.... its really good... honest! Until next time in the words of one Jerry Springer “take care of yourself, and each other” Dave out.

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