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Wireless movement analysis

ViMove is a wireless movement analysis assessment tool that helps to accurately and objectively measure and monitor the way your body moves. The data ViMove provides helps to pin point exactly what is causing your pain. Small wireless sensors are attached in precise locations to your body. These sensors track your movement at 200 frames per second. A ViMove assessment will normally be carried out in the clinic, however it can also be set up to monitor how you move while at work, home or while training. Once the information is gathered the data can be downloaded for analysis by the software at Active Therapy Clinic. your visitors who you are.

The report generated by the ViMove system is an accurate assessment of the way in which your body is moving and how your muscles are functioning. This indicates the stresses that are being applied to the joints and tissues guiding your physiotherapist to a better understanding of the cause of your pain and how best it can be treated.

Vi Move

Vi Move

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How Does ViMove Work?

By placing sensors on your pelvis, lower back and upper spine (or shins if you are having knee or leg issues) we can identify how efficiently the body is moving and if the muscles are working as they should. If there are any imbalances these can be identified, giving a better understanding of the cause of your pain. ViMove helps us to pin point problem areas so that they can be effectively treated. It was previously impossible to monitor body movement with this level of precision in clinics. If the lumbar spine is assessed the system creates a customized exercise program based on the findings. This exercise program can be printed out along with the report at the end of the session so you can take it home with you.

In a recently published clinical trial, patients managed with ViMove were 3x more likely to have significant improvement in reduced pain after 10 weeks vs. patients treated with standard care (Kent et al BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2015 16:131).

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What Does ViMove Involve?

ViMove assessments are normally used at the beginning of treatment, and can then be repeated to monitor progress or for yearly reviews. The assessment takes approximately one hour in total, 30 minutes of which is required to do the testing followed by 30 minutes discussing the results, running through the exercises prescribed and answering any questions you might have. The physiotherapist may carry out the assessment in clinic, or they might set it up so that you can wear the sensors throughout the day or while training. The sensors will be attached for you and you will only have to carry around a small device in your pocket which stores the data. ViMove is comfortable to wear and won’t interrupt your activities.

Who is suitable for ViMove?

Anyone who has been experiencing lower back pain for more than 6 weeks.

ViMove gives us important insights into the way the spine is moving and how the muscles are functioning. It tests range of movement, postural angles, and muscle Activity. ViMove provides custom exercises that will help improve lower back pain, which the physiotherapist will go through with you after the assessment.

Injury Prevention. 


Why wait to be injured? A ViMove assessment can help to highlight areas of risk and prevent injuries occurring. By looking at how body parts are moving and being controlled whilst performing certain tasks we can help to devise injury prevention strategies and strengthening programs.

Anyone experiencing knee injuries from sport.


ViMove provides detailed insights into your bio-mechanics by measuring leg symmetry, average ground reaction force, average initial peak acceleration, average ground contact time, average steps per minute, total distance, average speed and time. The report generated helps your physiotherapist identify what’s causing your pain, how to prevent further injury and also how to maximise your performance.

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How Can I Get a ViMove assessment?

Simply call us on 01285 643080 and we can arrange an appointment for a ViMove assessment. If you would like to discuss which would be the most appropriate type of assessment or treatment for your specific problem, we will happily take the time to discuss this with you prior to you booking an appointment.

Your Physio Plan

Joining ‘Your Physio Plan’ is a great way to include ViMove as part of your physiotherapy treatment. It is a way for people to afford regular physiotherapy treatment plus benefit from the discounts they’re entitled to as part of the scheme. When you sign up to the ‘Your Essentials’ plan we provide a yearly ViMove assessment as part of your plan. Or sign up to ‘Your Inclusive’ in order to benefit from two yearly ViMove assessments. We are finding that many of our patients are signing up to YourPhysioPlan as it’s a more affordable way to get regular physiotherapy care, plus the benefits of a ViMove assessment.

To enquire about booking an appointment for a ViMove assessment, please call 01285 643080 or email

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